Does your company’s marketing strategy have:

Low engagement rates | Low conversion rates
Wasted resources | Low ROI

It’s probably because you’re missing out on the opportunity to build a strong connection with potential customers and effectively communicate the value of your products or services.

The solution?

Find your red flags

  • Not knowing your target audience
  • Lack of organic sales
  • Expecting instant results

Want me to come to your next event and share how the answer can be found in the buyer journey?

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After 9 years in marketing
(6 of which as a media buyer and Google Ads specialist)
Silvia has worked with over 100+ businesses across most industries.

She's currently the Senior PPC Manager for Adido
She's the owner of jargon-free The Paid Ads School

She spent her career finding holes in marketing strategies and effectively teaching and communicating to businesses like yours how to reduce them or eliminate them altogether… 
By focusing entirely on your customers. 


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Why Silvia
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Silvia delivers unique and personalised experiences to clients by paying attention to details. She tailors her approach by understanding their industry and objectives. Silvia is enthusiastic, loves connecting with her audience, and aims to inspire and inform them.


If you're looking for a customised Google Ads training experience, this might just be the perfect fit for you! Silvia takes into consideration what you already know and where you want to go with your knowledge. She prioritizes training topics based on the needs of your existing account (if you have one), so you can get the most out of your training sessions.

During your training sessions, Silvia acts as an interim account manager, making sure you have everything you need to succeed. And don't worry about asking "stupid" questions – there's no such thing! She's here to help you every step of the way.

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Silvia is the founder of The Paid Ads School, a Google Ads consulting business helping Enterprise-level accounts to fix and improve their Google Ads strategy.

Silvia founded Paid Ads School on the principle of complete transparency. She wants her clients to know exactly what they're paying for, and she wants to make sure they're getting results. Silvia won't take on a client unless she knows she can deliver, and she will always be upfront about what needs to be done to make their ads successful.

Digital marketing implementation

Looking for PPC management, SEO content, data analytics and/or website design and development?

Come find Silvia at Adido!

She’s the Senior PPC Manager over there. 

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Download Silvia Coletto’s Speaker packet

Need something you can download and share with your team with all the information you need to make a decision?

Download the speech synopsis, headshots, bios and A/V requirements below.

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Silvia’s Bios

50 Words:

Silvia Coletto is a marketing expert helping businesses level up since 2016. She's skilled in media buying and knowing the customer journey, including how to overcome obstacles to growth. Silvia brings a unique perspective with her fun, straightforward approach and expertise managing millions in digital ad spend. Focusing on great marketing fundamentals, she helps businesses understand their target audience, improve weak spots in the customer journey, and connect advertising to overall goals.

70 Words:

Silvia Coletto, a marketing pro since 2016, helps businesses improve their marketing strategies. With expertise in media buying and a deep understanding of the customer journey, Silvia brings a unique perspective and approach to help overcome growth obstacles. She focuses on great marketing fundamentals and offers consultancy to identify and improve weaknesses in the customer journey. Silvia also offers data-driven strategies for paid advertising, linking efforts to overall business goals.

120 Words:

Silvia Coletto is a seasoned marketing professional who has been guiding businesses to improve their marketing since 2016. With her expertise in media buying and a deep understanding of the customer journey, Silvia can help businesses overcome any obstacle hindering their growth. She approaches marketing with a fun and straightforward attitude, bringing a unique perspective to the table, having managed millions in digital ad spend for both large and small clients.

Silvia believes that any business can be successful as long as they have a clear understanding of their target audience and the reasons behind their buying behavior. She focuses on the fundamentals of great marketing, including clarity in business goals, a deep understanding of buyer motivation, a consistent and impactful message, and a solid understanding of how all the pieces of the marketing puzzle fit together.

She is not just a speaker but also a consultant who can help businesses identify and improve any weaknesses in their customer journey. And if businesses are looking to take their paid advertising efforts to the next level, Silvia has got them covered with her data-driven strategies that link advertising efforts to overall business goals. With Silvia's guidance, businesses can take their marketing game to the next level.


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Silvia’s A/V requirements

Silvia brings:

Her own laptop for presentations. She currently owns a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with two C ports and a dongle connecting to USB A, Ethernet, VGA and HDMI 2.0 ports, as well as a wireless presentation clicker. 

Presentations work off of Google Slides (preferred) and are backed up on PowerPoint. Both are designed to work on 16x9 screens. 

Silvia is happy to share the presentation ahead of the day so that a third backup is available.

Silvia requires:

  • A backup bag full of dongles
  • A wireless, lavalier microphone
  • AC power plug to power her laptop (Microsoft Surface Pro 9). Her power plug comes with UK plug only.
  • A projector (VGA or HDMI input)
  • A confidence monitor

More A/V Questions?

If your A/V team has questions about any of Silvia's requirements, please feel free to email

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